A Necessary Wisdom

We cynics are in for four long years. Possibly more. Throughout the long campaign season Mr. Obama castigated us mercilessly. We weren’t just any old bad guys — we gave Osama bin Laden a run for his money. “The biggest enemy I think we have in this whole process…the reason I think it’s so important, is because one of the enemies we have to fight — it’s not just terrorists, it’s not just Hezbollah, it’s not just Hamas — it’s also cynicism,” Obama told an audience in March 2007. And month earlier he had warned, “And in this mission, our rivals won’t be one another, and I would assert it won’t even be the other party. It’s going to be cynicism that we’re fighting against.” Sounds like the whole might and power of the U.S. government and military apparatus will be amassed against us cynics.

via The American Spectator : A Necessary Wisdom.


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