His Winter of Discontent

Al Gore braved a midwinter snowstorm yesterday to tell a Senate committee that the world is heating up and the only thing that can save us is “conservation and renewables.” Gore’s testimony of course was a prelude to the national debate that will soon be taking place over global warming.

via The American Spectator : His Winter of Discontent.


2 Responses to “His Winter of Discontent”

  1. JHV Says:

    Al Gore is a uneducated moron, his views stem from un-realized, un-educated views, it is alarming that people would pay any attention to his babblings, let alone senate members. I find it scary that this man has any authority to be associated with anything in America, it is doublly alarming that our representatives in congress actually would elect this idiot to be a voice to be heard. Congress and our countries leaders must really think most of the poeple are stupid, dont shove this idiot down our throats.

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