Europe Got Obama — Now What?

But will Europe always be happy with the Obama it wished for?

Mirek Topolánek, prime minister of the Czech Republic (which currently holds the European Union presidency), just blasted the Obama administration’s stimulus plans as “a way to hell.”

German chancellor Angela Merkel sniffed: “We must look at the causes of this crisis. It happened because we were living beyond our means. . . . We cannot repeat this mistake.”

And just when President Obama announced the dispatch of thousands more troops to Afghanistan, many European leaders confirmed they will withdraw their own contingents over the next two years.

America, meanwhile, may backtrack on missile defense for Eastern Europe in the face of Russian threats. And there is talk of more trade protectionism in the Democratic-controlled Congress. Europeans wouldn’t be happy if either of these things came to pass.

What, then, is going on?

via Europe Got Obama — Now What? by Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online.


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