The Sinking Strib

Perhaps I need a more liberal worldview to read that correctly, but I believe the Strib would like to make a profit and then be exempt from paying taxes on it. Who knew that newspapers were charities rather than businesses?

Clearly, the folks who thought this gem up aren’t living in the reality of a capitalist society. The newspaper is dying in part because of the difficult economic climate. If they offered a product that the public wanted, at a price the public is willing to pay, they would be able to justify the salaries they pay their staff and the concessions they have given to the unions.

But the other problem is that the Star Tribune wants to promote a liberal agenda, the opinions and desires of its readership be damned. Ironically, this mentality is apparent even on the SavetheStrib website, which helpfully informs visitors: “While we appreciate comments from all vantage points, this site is not a forum for political viewpoints. If you have a problem with the newspaper’s content we suggest you write a letter to the editor or post a comment to the specific article on We understand that not everyone agrees with what we produce. However, we are looking for constructive comments. Thank you.”

Rather than change their ways or face the music, the powers behind this struggling newspaper would rather, in true liberal form, beg for money or an exception to the laws of corporate taxation. Ones they’ve long been in favor of imposing on other people’s businesses.

via The American Spectator : The Sinking Strib.


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