Department of Homeland Security Advisory

Applying this general and the specific “assessments” of who may constitute a “Right-wing Extremist” and terrorist threat to our nation, to truly and fully protect the American people from domestic terrorism, the DHS must immediately release its list of Top Ten Most Wanted Potential Right-Wing Extremist/Terrorist List:

1. George Washington, a.k.a. “The Father of Our Country” (Person of Interest): Avowed revolutionary; decommissioned veteran; commander of militia and other armed forces; Second Amendment zealot and gun owner; alleged murderer and war criminal in the British and French Imperial War of Empire (North American Theater); racist.

2. Thomas Jefferson, a.k.a. “Red” (Person of Interest): Avowed revolutionary; anti-federal government indoctrinator, propagandist, pamphleteer and agitator; state and local rights extremist; Second Amendment zealot and gun owner; racist.

3. Elizabeth A. Seton, a.k.a. “Mother Seton,” a.k.a. “St. Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton” (Person of Interest): Religious zealot; anti-reproductive rights extremist; indoctrinator; alleged martyr complex; leadership role in a foreign controlled cult.

4. Andrew Jackson, a.k.a. “Old Hickory” (Person of Interest): Decommissioned veteran; leader of militia; second amendment zealot; serial duelist; suspected murderer and alleged bigamist; racist.

via The American Spectator : Department of Homeland Security Advisory.


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