How Women Got Their Curves and Other Just-So Stories

Is it “merely” a Just-So Story to suggest that sexual satisfaction is more frequent and more readily obtained with partners that are more appealing? In a sense, yes. But once a Just-So Story generates predictions and the gathering of evidence—whether the outcome supports or refutes the “story”—it has become a hypothesis being tested scientifically.

via How Women Got Their Curves and Other Just-So Stories.

Finally – one of these, yes, “just so” evolution stories that admits the difficulty, and states clearly what it is asserting. I like that, because a clear asswertion can be disagreed with.

I disagree with the assertion.  Because the “just so” story will get revised to “explain” any evidence that disagrees with generated predictions. And the proponents will say “but that’s how science works – you revise your theories to fit the evidence.”

But that’s not how science works – the crucial, missing piece is experiment. Which is not posible with theories of human evolution.

OJ Simpson’s defense lawyers regularly changed their theories to fit evidence as it was gathered. Is that the scientific method? And how is this different?


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