Sacha Baron Cohen: The men in his life

How could that crowd have guessed How could they possibly have realised in a town where men are men and “gay” is a form of insult that a pair of tough-guys would start canoodling and force them to watch Little wonder they promptly started a riot. Whoever you happen to be what other emotion except extreme anger is the natural reaction to being “punked” by Sacha Baron Cohen It s been a while now since this ludicrously talented British comedian burst onto the scene. A decade since his character Ali G first demonstrated that you can make highly intelligent people say incredibly revealing things by asking them the stupidest questions imaginable. Three years since his Kazakhstani alter ego Borat toured Middle America exposing staggering levels of misogyny anti-Semitism and public ignorance. But now he s back. This summer Baron Cohen will complete his trio of “mockumentary” films with a movie following the flamboyant exploits of Brüno an outrageously camp fashion reporter from Klagenfurt whose “MeinSpace” page proudly declares “If I vas a Starbucks drink ich vould be a tall skinny Austrian mit a great personality und a really big brains.”

via Sacha Baron Cohen: The men in his life – News, People – The Independent.

What an utterly lame schtick.

And completely sealed in a narcissistic bubble. If you say you find it lame, why that just proves you don’t get it!


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