The Facts on Fascism

Authoritarianism is not totalitarianism though. There is a big difference — a difference educated people once understood. We are not talking about pure evil not talking about genocide not talking about brutal attempts at foreign conquest not talking about Mengele-like experiments and deliberate killing of “defectives.” What we are talking about is the beginning of a tendency toward authoritarianism so far minus the thuggishness especially in the economic realm. And we darn well ought to be able to make sober factual valid historical analogies by way of warning — much as Leonhardt did in his rather twisted attempt at praise of Obama — without being accused of foaming at the mouth.

It is especially appropriate to make such comparisons if one has already shown that it is not merely a partisan accusation. Some of us noted even when Bush started us on this path that it had similarities to fascist economics.

via The American Spectator : The Facts on Fascism.


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