State of Play

Once we discovered, in the 1960s, that the Indians were “really” the good guys and the cowboys (or, a fortiori, the U.S. Cavalry) the bad, neither the Western nor the movie industry ever recovered from the shock. Ever since then, at any rate, the industry has been trying to get back to those halcyon days of moral certainty. Now, the monolithic political culture of Hollywood has locked film-makers into an equally inescapable presumption that the bad guys are (a) never going to be anyone of a different race or religion from the white and Christian variety, and they are (b) always going to be racists, secretive corporations, smooth-talking politicians or military straight-arrows, preferably any or all of the above who are also Christian believers. Apply this knowledge to State of Play and you don’t even have to bother watching it — or the final “twist” which only twists the movie into incoherence.

via The American Spectator : State of Play.


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