A Sermon for the President/Ascension 2009

Mr. President, your past record, your campaign promises, your political affiliations, your supporters, your political philosophy, and your record since the election, all consistently indicate that your appointment to the Supreme Court will be a pro-abortion nominee, one who favors the continued recognition of a ghoulish “right” to slaughter the unborn. Your rhetoric, as displayed recently at Notre Dame, hypocritically aspires to transcend this debate, but your record and actions indicate otherwise. You are radically down to earth in your support of unrestricted abortion rights. This means that you will, or you have, nominated a pro-abortion judge to this vacancy. And so we come to the central point of this message, declared by a minister of Jesus Christ, speaking in His name and on His behalf. You may not do this. And if by the time this message is preached, you have already placed such a name in nomination, you are commanded by the Lord Jesus to repent and withdraw that name. The one to whom you answer forbids what you are doing.

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