Touchstone Magazine – Mere Comments: Pseudogamy 102

Does it even require stating that almost none of what Spenser feels and understands is felt and understood now by bride and groom? Our marriages, we think, are our own affairs. Indeed, they are usually preceded by “affairs,” ours together or ours with others, and somewhere along the line are granted the ho-hum endorsement of a big party and a “honeymoon”. I say “ho-hum,” because where there is not much to celebrate, we can only distract ourselves from the lack by throwing big parties, getting drunk, spending a lot of money, or, what is more likely, causing a lot of people to spend a lot of money whether they like it or not, and then pretending excitement as the bride in white is whisked off by the groom to spend the night in their apartment before heading off for the fifth time to their favorite honeymoon hideaway. And they will almost certainly not be invoking a goddess of childbirth to shed her benign influence upon them. Children will kick down your little sandcastle world for sure.

via Touchstone Magazine – Mere Comments: Pseudogamy 102.


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