Drag Me to Hell

Now I’m no expert on gypsy curses, but I’m pretty sure that they expire at the grave. Gypsies may be the possessors of powerful magic, but it would be decidedly heterodox to suppose that they — or any other mortals, angels or spirits below the pay-grade of the Divinity Himself — had the power to damn anyone to hell. If hell existed, that is. And if anyone were ever sent there, which we are now generally pretty sure no one ever is. The theological confusion just renders the emptiness of the moral universe of the movie and the triviality and artificiality of its gallery of schlock horrors that much more weightless in the imagination — as if the Raimis had said, “Whatever. We know you’re not going to take any of this stuff seriously anyway.”

via The American Spectator : Drag Me to Hell.


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