To pick one of Calvin & Hobbes many high points, I would recall the time when Calvin was industriously pounding nails into the coffee table. His mother comes tearing up to him, screaming, “What do you think you’re doing?!” He looks and her and looks at the table and says, “Is this a trick question?”

I am baffled in a similar kind of way. I am a Christian minister, an ambassador of grace, and am entirely in favor of all that love your neighbor stuff. This being the case, when I register a mild protest to the effect that sucking the blood from a young woman’s neck in such a way as to turn her into one of the undead is something that is simply not done in the better circles, it is disconcerting and amusing to be met with a chorus of yeah, butting. From Christians.

This is a trick question, right? Is this a set up? Am I going to find myself having written half a book diligently trying to prove that vampires are bad, only to have everyone pop out at a prearranged signal, yelling, “Surprise! Just kidding! Show us how circles go all the way round next!”

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