Vampires, Left Behind, Propaganda, and United We Serve Lickspittles

Now the standard line in today’s artistic community is that the artist is beholden to no one, that art for art’s sake is the only law in the world of artistry, and away with your mundane concerns. So contemporary art tries to float above the world, seeking to provide us all with a sense of the transcendant, but these days only achieving the heights attained to by a child’s lost carnival balloon. If President Bush had been chump enough to approach America’s artistic community with a request that they use their artistic gifts to help with the war on terror, the howls of outrage would match what would happen if you took away Michael Moore’s cinnamon bun. The artistic haut monde would be as indigant as room full of wet cats. The insult to art in its pristine state would be discussed in the galleries of New York for months. Plays would be written about it, and songs composed. High dudgeon would be a phrase that I believe we could use to describe the resultant bedlam.

Come now the honchos at the National Endowment for the Arts setting up a conference call with a bunch of artists and “generally cool” people, in order ask them to sign on as artistic helper bees for Obama’s “United We Serve” agenda. Now wait a minute. What happened to the indepedence of all True Art? What happened to the “beholden to no man” schtick? It was here just a minute ago. Somebody needs to paint a picture of high artistic hypocrisy. But good luck getting funding.

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