An Immigration Time-Out

To anyone outside the cult, it is all very bewildering. Immigration is just a policy, like farm subsidies or tax credits. To those of us who have actually moved our place of work and residence from one country to another — I have done it nine times** — it is also a humdrum business of grappling with travel agents and moving firms, accountants and lawyers, issuers of visas and driver licenses. There is nothing romantic or spiritual about it. You are moving your life from one jurisdiction to another, that’s all.

Nor is an immigrant exercising any transcendent human right. Who on earth ever thought so? If I seek to settle in Country X, I am asking Country X a favor, which the authorities there might properly refuse. If they do refuse, I have no grounds for complaint. It’s their country.

via An Immigration Time-Out by John Derbyshire on National Review Online.


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