The Giant Dimblemuffin

Let us suppose that, instead of our abstract idols represented by words like neutrality, pluralism, democracy, secular, and such like the public square was governed by a giant named Dimblemuffin, who lived in a castle on a hill overlooking our town. The giant drank too much, had a red nose, and would eat some of the peasants from time to time, and I use illustrations like this because I am trying to make abstruse political and theological issues accessible to the modern reader. Now suppose that we had Christian theologians who maintained that it was crucial for us to limit the authority of Jesus Christ to the spiritual realm of the church, and Dimblemuffin could have the rest. In fact, Dimblemuffin needed to have the rest. And suppose further they added that to propose that Jesus be acknowledged as having authority over the whole shebang would actually be an insult to Him, and to the true spirituality of the church. And, this being the actual point, it was pointed out that to suggest altering our arrangement might make Dimblemuffin very, very angry.

via The Giant Dimblemuffin.


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