Obama Rides a Dragon While Waving His Cowboy Hat

A hyper-politicized climate is one of the central challenges we face. But Hunter, after helpfully pointing this out, wants to say that there is no difference between Obama over there, riding the dragon while waving his cowboy hat, and St. George down here with a lance, trying to kill the dragon, in order that a forlorn Obama might have a carcass to sit on. It is quite true to say that both are occupied with the dragon, but to stop there is to miss the central point of what is happening. One is riding it and the other fighting it.

Put simply, small government conservatives are fighting the hyper-politicization of everything, and that is explicitly and precisely what they are fighting, as they have patiently and repeatedly explained all along. Now in order to fight something like that it is necessary to go over and stand near it. To retreat to an ivy-covered office in the academy in order to write about faithful presence, and in the process to construct a mashup of conservatives and liberals who are “both being too close to the dragon” is, it seems to me, to miss a central point in a quite striking way.

via Obama Rides a Dragon While Waving His Cowboy Hat.


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