Medical treatment carries possible side effect of limiting homosexuality

A hormonal treatment to prevent ambiguous genitalia can now be offered to women who may be carrying such infants. It’s not without health risks, but to its critics those are of small consequence compared with this notable side effect: The treatment might reduce the likelihood that a female with the condition will be homosexual. Further, it seems to increase the chances that she will have what are considered more feminine behavioral traits.

That such a treatment would ever be considered, even to prevent genital abnormalities, has outraged gay and lesbian groups, troubled some doctors and fueled bioethicists’ debate about the nature of human sexuality.

via Medical treatment carries possible side effect of limiting homosexuality –

Fascinating … so the question obviously is, what if homosexuality is a byproduct of developmental abnormality? In a purely medical sense?

Should we really not try to treat or prevent developmental abnormality, just to ensure we get a sort of syndrome that we’ve normalized, as a byproduct??

I also have to ask … surely virtually 100% of the objectors to this treatment are also pro-abortion, right? So why is it OK – to them – to electively kill a child in the womb, but not to treat that child – even if one defines the treatment as elective?


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