Dancing ACLU Lawyers

When tolerance becomes a universal virtue, suspended upon its own air hook and nothing else, then you come to think you can’t say no to virtually anything — including those things which will issue a fatwa against your silly views of tolerance. The universally tolerant do say no to one thing, however, and that is to any idea of Christendom. If you mention sharia law, they will talk about the rich cultural diversity that is found in certain parts of Ohio. But if you mention biblical theonomy, as being perhaps more attractive in other parts of Ohio, you will find these folks with heads between their knees, breathing into paper bags, in preparation for writing a hysterial letter to the editor. This is because universal toleration is suicidal. In Proverbs, Wisdom says that all who hate her love death Prov. 8:36, and they really do.

via Dancing ACLU Lawyers.


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