Deception and War

In a condition of war, deception is not the kind of lying we just noted. It is not a sin to paint your tank to look like a bush when it is in fact not a bush. But you are deceiving the enemy pilots . . . The Hebrew midwives lied to Pharaoh, and so God greatly blessed them Ex. 1:17-19. Rahab hid the spies, sent them out another way than she said she did, and James tells us that this deception was what vindicated her faith as true and living faith Jas. 2:25. In her case, faith without such a deception would have been dead. David pretended to be mad when he was not 1 Sam. 21:15. God told Joshua to deceive the soldiers of Ai with a fake retreat Josh. 8:1-2. We could make a very long list if we wished. We want to be righteous, not over-scrupulous.

via Deception and War.


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