Our Keystonekoppery Responses

So the terrorist technique is that of provocation without too much provocation. The technique that we have adopted in our keystonekoppery response is that of pother and bother and rifling through this baggage and scanning that babe, so as to provide a buffer of busyness to keep their provocations from being seen as too much. We have an institutional entity that we could charge with doing “more,” or perhaps an entity that we could summon before congressional hearings in order to “reform” it in the light of the last disaster. We have an intermediate entity that we could assign proximate blame to. There is something related to these terrorist acts that we could tinker with, instead of going to war.

In this respect, the goals of the TSA and the goals of the terrorists have a weird sort of convergence. If an incident were to happen that resulted in the American public demanding a declaration of open war against, say, Iran, then that would mean that both the terrorists and the crotch-checkers had failed in their mission. Although their ends are completely different, the shared desire is to keep the public manipulable in order that they might continue to have ongoing opportunities to manipulate that public toward their respective, and very different, ends.

via Our Keystonekoppery Responses.


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