The Dismissal of Sarah Palin

Now I know full well that President Obama has no intention of punching John Boehner in the nose. I know full well that Jim DeMint’s throat is safe from Vice President Biden’s hands. I know full well that Senator Manchin will not use his rifle in the rotunda of Capitol Hill. I also know full well that the DLC doesn’t consider Missouri and Nevada to be part of enemy territory.

You would think that Keith Olbermann would know full well that all Palin was looking to do in targeting Gabrielle Giffords seat was to raise funds on behalf of Giffords’ opponent, Jesse Kelly and to help Arizona’s 8th District to elect a representative who would vote to repeal Obamacare. Despite Palin’s efforts, the voters in Arizona’s 8th opted to keep Giffords. Palin has nothing for which to apologize. You win some. You lose some. That’s politics. It’s something a 9-year-old girl would have understood.

But in the crazy world of Keith Olbermann, Sarah Palin must be dismissed from politics.

via The American Spectator : The Dismissal of Sarah Palin.


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