Wiener Schnitzel is UnAmerican

When the leftists call this a crime against humanity, I will want to know what they think humanity actually is. The end product of so many millennia of mindless and purposeless evolution? It would seem to follow that these soldiers commmitted crimes against so many pounds of protoplasm, of which we have plenty on this planet. Indeed, liberals like to tell us all the time that we have way too much of this bipedal kind of protoplasm. War is just a drastic eco-measure.

When the rightwingers tell us that this was unAmerican, we should want to know why that is a problem. Wiener schnitzel is unAmerican. Simply being unAmerican is not a moral issue. No, no, they might say. “We didn’t say not American, we said unAmerican. There’s a difference.” Oh, I would reply. Tell us that difference, and tell us why we should care. Tell us how America has generated a moral code that is universally binding on all who are associated with this nation. Try not to suspend that universal moral code from an invisible sky hook, or worse, from snippets of the Gettysburg Address that you learned as a child in an American elementary school.

via Wiener Schnitzel is UnAmerican.


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