In Burkas in No Time

We are now seeing another round of international silliness, in which we can clearly see (if we are looking straight at it) just how social justification works. A Florida pastor with a whopping two dozen parishioners recently burned a Koran, which set off a round of riots in Afghanistan. These riots ended with with some U.N. workers getting murdered, and senators calling for an investigation of Koran-burning. Lindsey Graham says, “Freedom of speech is a great idea, but we are in a war.” It is great to have such a thundering defense of our freedoms from the Republicans.

When this sort of thing happens, social justification means you start pushing in terms of it. And when you do, you push in one of two directions. You either push in the direction you want to go, or you push whomever you believe to be pushable, with the hope of refining the questions about steerage later.

For example, nobody says about the rioters in Afghanistan that they should chill, because we have lots of unstable pastors over here, and if they don’t stop beheading people over there, we might have some more Koran burnings over here. No, that’s not the direction we push.

via In Burkas in No Time.


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