Unintended Mission Consequences

The devil hates the poor, and one of the most pernicious things he has done to them is change all the labels on all the medicines in the first aid kits carried around by earnest and worthy good samaritans. But this trick notwithstanding, it has become apparent to many that we are doing real damage.

The response of many in the old guard has been to point to the label, which clearly says that it helps the poor, and to insist on doubling down. “But why are things not improving?” someone asks. “It’s been seventy years of this now.” Those who point out that the poor are not actually being helped are then accused of being callused toward the poor, which is nothing more than being contradicted by the label on the bottle that is killing people. We should stop feeling so bad about that. You would think that the Scriptures mandated things like keeping dictators in power or creating cultures of dependency. Practitioners of the old nostrums float in like so many little white messiahs, make a mess, and return home with a slide show to get more funding.

via Unintended Mission Consequences.


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