Ron Paul and Some “Yeah, Buts”

“It took us over 100 years to become this progressive and nanny-dependent as a society. It took over 100 years for the citizen to beg the government to do as much as it does for the citizen, and for the government to oblige said citizen. It will not be undone in 100 minutes.”

Actually, at the rate we are going, it will soon be undone in about ten minutes. When we run out of money, we will have run out of money. When we are Greece, we will then be Greece. When there is no financial back-up, there will be no financial back-up. Here is a helpful little visualization I have linked to before. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom, and reflect on the fact that we are spending multiples of that amount of money annually, and we are doing so without being in possession of that amount of money. That is the kind of tab we are running up, and this is being done by all the smart people, by the non-mediocrities. And when we hit the wall, the resulting involuntary budget cuts will make Ron Paul look like a commie

via Ron Paul and Some “Yeah, Buts”.


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