Zipcar car-sharing service finds niche at MSU

“For some students, this may be a less-expensive option,” she said. “There was a lot of enthusiasm about it.”

That’s how it worked for Prateek Prasad, an MSU junior who is a member of a community service group based in Wilson Hall.

Prasad, 19, doesn’t have a car. Nor did any of the group’s board members.

They competed last year in a grant program hosted by Zipcar and Dearborn’s Ford Motor Co. and won $1,000 in credits to check out cars as needed.

The students used the cars for an hour at a time to buy supplies for a local humane society and, at the end of a month, borrowed them for a half-day to donate the items in person.

Prasad still has credits left and said he would use the service again.

via Zipcar car-sharing service finds niche at MSU | Lansing State Journal |

So we’ve discovered that students (international students?) are willing to “rent” cars if you let them do it for free.


Whether a program is successful isn’t determined by numbers alone,

No, we wouldn’t want to measure success by, like, success, or anything.


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