Lawmakers vagina comment prompts donations

“I really had no idea it would have this effect on people,” Brown said Friday. “It’s an anatomically correct term for woman’s anatomy. It actually exists in Michigan statutes in three different places. This bill was about abortion. That doesn’t happen without a vagina.”

via Lawmakers vagina comment prompts donations | Lansing State Journal |

Sigh … it’s not because of the word itself. And I’d like to be charitable to her intelligence and believe that she knows that. (Then again …)

It’s the context, the reason she used it, etc. Lawmakers are trying to save lives, and here she’s making silly or offensive analogies, and using anatomical references for shock value and to get attention. It’s childish.

It’s like debating bad behavior with a naughty kid. “Are you saying I can’t ever use that word, Dad?” Don’t be so stupid.


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