Vagina Monologues demonstration draws thousands

Vagina is not a dirty word.That’s the message of a crowd of thousands, who gathered at the Capitol on Monday to rally behind two female state representatives who say they were barred from speaking in chambers because they uttered the words “vagina” and “vasectomy” while debating a package of abortion bills.

via Vagina Monologues demonstration draws thousands | Lansing State Journal |

No, that’s *not* why they were barred from speaking, and I’m tired of LSJ repeating this lie.

Sigh … it’s not the word. It’s the context. This is like dealing with spoiled children … “so Daddy, you mean I can *never* use that word?”. Uh, no. But we have to explain this to grown people?

OK, I’ll try. Here goes: it’s childish and stupid to talk about your private anatomy in public with no good reason. A lot of five year olds actually get this concept.

Lawmakers were trying to save lives, and these fools are talking about their crotches.


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