Jesus and Conservatism

So then, someone will say, “you are claiming that Jesus is a conservative”? Not really — given where He is, at the right hand of the Father, I really dont know how the label would attach. But I am willing to say that He wants you to be one.

Akkk! Pandemonium!

Am I saying that Jesus wants us to be heartless money-grubbing, indiscriminate carpet-bombing, nationalistic, crony-capitalists? Um, no. Not that. Jesus doesnt want anybody to be anything evil, and He doesnt want anybody to be somebodys evil caricature of anything either. Nobody has to do those.

But He does want us to take personal responsibility, honor the property of others, respect and follow the sexual ethic of Scripture, refrain from taking the blood of innocents, remember the poor with our own funds as distinct from funds we stole from others, and respect the need for the civil magistrate to stay within his appointed bounds. Now, take those positions and bundle them all together. What do you call that? I call it a recognizable form of conservatism.

via Jesus and Conservatism.


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