All The President’s Women

But close observers on election night might have realized something was wrong. There on a platform symbolically erected in the center of Place de la Bastille — the birthplace of the French Revolution being considered appropriate for the first Socialist president in 17 years — stood a beaming, waving Hollande basking in the huzzahs of the overjoyed Left. But wait a minute. Instead of the traditional victory kiss from his wife, the president-elect was bracketed between two beaming women, both obviously ready for a buss. He turned to his right and pecked one on both cheeks. Then turned to his left just as that lady visibly formed the silent words, “Kiss me on the mouth.” Which he dutifully did. As Hillary Rodham Clinton might have said, “Two for the price of one!” Or as Bob Tyrrell has put it in a different context, “Those French gents do know how to live.”

via The American Spectator : All The President’s Women.


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