No, YOU Didnt Build That!

But who paid for that teacher, that infrastructure, and that scientific research?

The answer is not “taxpayers” and certainly not “all of us” but rather “a very small percentage of Americans.”

The Congressional Budget Office CBO recently released a study on income and tax distribution for the years 2008 and 2009. The imbalance between incomes earned and taxes paid is dramatic — in exactly the opposite way from the claims of President Obama and his supporters.


In 2009, the highest quintile top 20 percent of earners, with household incomes over $223,500 before taxes, took in 51 percent of the nations income but paid 68 percent of all individual federal taxes. The middle quintile — the oppressed middle class, earning between $64,300 and $93,800 — took in 14.7 percent of Americas income but paid only 9.4 percent of federal taxes. And the lowest 20 percent of earners, making less than $23,500, brought home 5 percent of the nations income much of which was transfer payments from the rest of America but paid only 0.3 percent of federal taxes.

The effective federal tax rates for these groups were: 1 percent for the lowest quintile, 11.1 percent for the middle quintile, and 23.2 percent for the highest quintile.

via The American Spectator : No, YOU Didnt Build That!.


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