One of Those Yellow Rattlesnake Flags

But given our circumstances, we have two basic directions we can realistically go. Either we will continue to spend money that our great-grandchildren havent earned yet, or we will knock it off. This is an active choice before our people now — and to do what Obama wants us to do is the unrighteous option and to do what the Tea Party wants us to do is the righteous option. Now when I use these words unrighteous and righteous, I am using them with full biblical force. To maintain our current profligacy, or to increase it, is detestable in the sight of God. To repent of what we have done, and go in right direction is to go — for starters — in the right direction.

“It is an abomination to kings to commit wickedness: For the throne is established by righteousness” Prov. 16:12.

“Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne shall be established in righteousness” Prov. 25:5.

“The king that faithfully judgeth the poor, His throne shall be established for ever” Prov. 29:14.

Spending trillions more right now — with the Fed as the spigot — would be a wicked thing to do. Refusing to spend those trillions right now is not wicked. This is not complicated.

via One of Those Yellow Rattlesnake Flags.


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