Political General Complains of Politics

But the First Amendment applies as much to those who have a form DD214 in the file cabinet as it does to people who’ve never spent a day in uniform. When you’re out, you’re free again. A former Navy SEAL is a civilian like any other, except that he has served his country admirably, and can kill you with his eyebrows.

Uniformed service members are bedeviled with sensitivity training of all sorts — how to treat women, how to treat gays, how to treat minorities, how to liberate Muslim countries without offending the locals, etc. It’s clearly time for an inter-service sensitivity training course on the First Amendment, and General Dempsey should be the first student.

Dempsey’s mission in this political controversy is to button his olive drab lip. The elves in the Obama administration and their sycophants in the left-stream media are fully capable of distorting the criticism of Obama on their own. They don’t need Dempsey to act as horse-holder for them. Nor does the American public need his help in evaluating what these whistle-blowers are saying about a politician with little understanding of the military, and little concern for it beyond using it for his own political purposes.

via The American Spectator : Political General Complains of Politics.


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