Getting Rid of the ‘Likable’ President

Nothing he said he would do has turned out the way he predicted or promised.

He said the biggest stimulus bill of all time would result in a swift and robust recovery. It obviously didn’t.

He said in his first state-of-the-union address that he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. Instead the national debt has skyrocketed — going from $10 trillion to $16 trillion.

He said that Obamacare would allow all those who liked their current health plans to keep them and that it wouldn’t add a single dime to the deficit. And that’s absolutely untrue. Millions will be forced off their current plans in the next couple of years as Obamacare takes effect and the slew of new mandates will inevitable cause costs to spiral and the medical profession to spend more time catering to the wishes of government masterminds and less to tending to their patients.

He promised great transparency in government and he has delivered a black hole — where hopelessly long and complex laws are passed before anyone reads them and where government bureaucrats are empowered to make rules as they see fit.

via The American Spectator : Getting Rid of the ‘Likable’ President.


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