Warren’s Web of . . . Confusion

But her next line is even more mendacious: Of all the nurses, programmers, salespeople, and firefighters she’s met, “not one of them, not one,” she blusters, “stashes their money in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.” Of course she’s technically right that none of them does that personally — but people in all these professions benefit from the profits of high finance, tax-evasion schemes, and more.

Take the most laughably obvious one: Those firefighters? Their pension funds are in large part managed by the evil financiers Warren despises, located offshore in order to reduce their tax liability, and oftentimes engaged in highly risky investments — all to the great benefit of firefighters who will enjoy pensions far exceeding those of most other workers, because money is invested on their behalf with companies such as Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs.

via Warren’s Web of . . . Confusion – Patrick Brennan – National Review Online.


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