A Stuffed Regeneration Bird

I think somebody needs to write a short story in which all the Bible commentaries in all the pastors’ studies across the nation come to life in the same week (on sermon prep day), and start running around in those studies, scaring the bejeebers out of all the pastors, including those who might have a problem with my use of the word bejeebers. They might point out that bejeebers is a toned-down version of bejesus, which in its turn is an alteration of “by Jesus.” Okay, for those guys, we can have the ravenous and foraging commentaries scare the bejeebers into them.

I am not interested in winning arguments about regeneration. I am interested in the fact of regeneration. I am not interested in having my views of regeneration show up in yet another high “achievement of the taxidermist’s art.” That would just give me a stuffed regeneration bird for my study. “Oooo,” visitors might say. “Look at the bright colors. A tufted Warfieldian pheasant, I believe.”

via A Stuffed Regeneration Bird.


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