Shadowboxing Cartoon Characters

The Obama campaign is like a smarmy stand-up act. It tosses out barbs left and right. It derives humor by painting its political opponents as cartoonish fools. But it never assembles a cohesive plan or vision. It makes dents in Romney’s tax plan or political record some of which are fair game but it never does the mature work of creating anything itself. Where is the Obama-Biden debt plan? No one knows. But gosh darn, how about that Mitt Romney guy, huh? He says he’s worried about China so he’d better send Ann to the dining room to clean it! Boom! Folks, my name’s Jim Messina and I’m here all week.

And man, how about those evil oil companies, huh? And corporate jets? And Big Bird? Actually that might have been the moment when the strategy went off the rails. After the president got roundly thumped on policy during the first debate, his campaign decided to smirk away the entire thing by running an ad showing a silhouette of Big Bird in a corporate building. Having cast others as fictional characters, the Obama campaign now starred an actual fictional character.

via The American Spectator : Shadowboxing Cartoon Characters.


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