The President’s Ridiculous Pamphlet

Barack Obama has released a ridiculous little 20-page pamphlet — 20 pages with lots of pictures — detailing his agenda for a second term. He calls it the “New Economic Patriotism,” and if that name seems to you redolent of early 20th-century totalitarians, that may be because it is not the first N.E.P.: Lenin’s was the Novaya Ekonomicheskaya Politika. Mitt Romney published an economic-policy book, too. No pictures.

Apparently, Obama’s second term is to be a more or less precise repeat of his first term. In fact, the sixth item on his seven-point list merely touts Obamacare, which, if memory serves, already has been passed. He also wants to add six-figure numbers to the headcounts of the public-sector unions that finance and staff his campaign. And build batteries. There’s no picture of the batteries, but there are 17 photographs of the president, most of them centerfolds. In fact, photographs of the president gazing down benevolently upon children, doctors, oldsters, and one guy with a baseball cap on sideways account for about 80 percent of the space in the booklet. That is appropriate, inasmuch as the Obama campaign, like the Obama presidency, is not about jobs or economic growth: It is about Barack Obama.

via The President’s Ridiculous Pamphlet – The Editors – National Review Online.


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