A ConservativeTimes.org Symposium on the Paleo Vote

Yes, please do color me un-American, for actually, no, I don’t lie awake at night lamenting the shortage of gay pride parades in Moscow.  Nor do I lose much sleep fretting that, in the event “we” fail to take a strong stand, feminist punk bands throughout the world might lose their Soros-given right to bust into churches and shriek sacrilegious obscenities at the altar.  Nor do I patriotically yearn to see Pushkin and the balalaika finally and irrevocably supplanted by Coca-Cola and Lady Gaga.

With the Cold War over it is now the United States which aggressively pushes a warped and satanic ideology throughout the world, while Russia — whatever her flaws — now stands in the way.  If I had Vladimir Putin on one hand and anybody acceptable to the posthumanist American political class on the other, that decision would be as easy as choosing between Don Corleone versus the invaders from H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds.  Though neither Obama nor Romney could be described by any serious, honest person as possessing a vast intellect, the rhetoric of each is cool and unsympathetic, and ultimately alien.

via A ConservativeTimes.org Symposium on the Paleo Vote | Conservative Heritage Times.


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