Patron Saint of Bipartisanship

One of those lies, incidentally, is the lie that bipartisanship is a good thing. A people without a moral compass as people without the Word of God must be are people who think of compromise as splitting the difference in a spirit of going along and getting along. The problem is that they do this with all issues. There are some things that a spirit of compliant accommodation is good for — your wife wants sushi and you are thinking steak, and so it makes sense to go to a steak and sushi bar. Good for you.

But there are other areas where bipartisanship just adds grievous insult to the grotesque injury. If one faction of your pirate band wants to rape all the virgins, you don’t address the root issues by suggesting that we just rape half of them. If the men on your front porch want to rape the angels in your guest house, it is not high moral courage to offer your daughters instead. Lets not be like Lot in this — patron saint of bipartisanship.If the president wants to spend 10 trillion we don’t have, then don’t try to cheer me up with offers of whooping away 5 trillion we don’t have.

via Patron Saint of Bipartisanship.


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