What This Result Means

17. We are immune to concepts like “history” and “math” and “long-term thinking”. We think there’s no limit to how much money is out there to be taken from rich people and eeeeevil corporations, and therefore the gravy train will never ever ever ever end.

18. We see no correlation between producing value and being paid.

19. We believe that companies exist to employ people. Whether they make a profit is completely irrelevant. No, wait – profits are not irrelevant, they’re positively evil.

20. We frequently complain about even the simplest transactions involving the government. We have no problem giving the government complete control over the most important aspects of our lives.

21. We believe it is the government’s job to legislate morality, so long as that morality is immoral.

via The One-Man Peanut Gallery: What This Result Means.


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