Serious Scholars Clown Car Review

When Bible teachers become celebrities, a certain kind of person just buys into whatever is said. Often this happens with good results because the celebrity guy often made his mark in the first place by contributing something useful. And Wright really is a scholar, has a fine mind, and is a dazzling lecturer. But when groupies get into the act, they accept whatever is said, whenever it is said. They have no smelting equipment, and so they head back home after the conference with their bags full of silver and dross together.

But if the dross is on one of the critical issues of the day, if the dross opens the way for numerous sexual heresies that are sure to follow, then it is time for us not only to reject the dross, but to make fun of those who are solemnly maintaining how glittery and silverlike it looks.

via Serious Scholars Clown Car Review.


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