The tone trap, &c.

Have you noticed that it’s the Republicans’ “tone” that is always spoken of? Never the Democrats’? Shall we have a discussion of their “tone”?

I think one of the worst things about Obama and Biden is their “tone.” Think of Obama’s angry, accusatory “you didn’t build that” speech. Think of Biden’s “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains!” Think of Harry Reid, charging that Mitt Romney had refused to pay his income taxes.

Think of Stephanie Cutter, suggesting that Romney is a felon. Think of Obama’s claim that Romney delighted in stripping Americans of their jobs, and shipping those jobs overseas. Think of Biden’s comportment in the entire 2012 vice-presidential debate. Think of Obama’s cry of “Romnesia!” Think of his ad proclaiming, “Mitt Romney. Not one of us.”

Oh, what lovely tones those Democrats produce!

How about those angry, bellowing, semi-mad men on MSNBC? I see clips of them, once in a while. Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the Democratic or Left tone?

via The tone trap, &c. – Jay Nordlinger – National Review Online.


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