Adam and Eve and Pinch Me

I am the first to confess that complementarianism, like creationism, pinches me in the current cultural climate; I would like to go with the cultural flow and be thought of by the great and the good as an enlightened and intelligent person rather than a bigoted moron; indeed, every fallen instinct in me wants to do so.  Thus, I need a good foundation on which to stand if I am to maintain these positions with any perseverance and conviction in the face of my own selfish ambitions and the overwhelming tide of the wider worlds beliefs.  Evolution seems to my amateur exegetical/theological eye to provide no such safe place to stand.   At the risk of provoking further ire, I might rephrase my earlier blogs title: Confused by evolutionary complementarianism?  You most definitely should be.    I do not think you can have both.

via Adam and Eve and Pinch Me – Reformation21 Blog.


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