Key witness in Modiin Illit rape case: I made it up

The ongoing police investigation into the alleged rape of a 5-year-old girl in the haredi town of Modiin Illit has taken an unexpected turn. On Wednesday evening, lawyers for the preschool superintendent being questioned in the case handed Judea and Samaria District police investigators a statement in which the woman retracted her testimony, saying that she had made it up, and apologizing.

via Israel Hayom | Key witness in Modiin Illit rape case: I made it up.

Wow. Made it up.


The woman says she made up the story in order to shake up the system, but never thought it would reach such monstrous proportions or that police would investigate it so intensively. She also said that when she was 16 she had been sexual assaulted but had never received proper treatment. She said she wanted to help the many children who had experienced sexual assault but did not get the treatment they need.

If there are so many, then why did she have to make one up?

Also of interest – clearly we have here at least a media culture ready and eager to believe this kind of story.


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