Ontogeny Ripostes Ontology

Now for our hypothetical virus. The Hinkle virus is so fast-spreading that it soon infects every person alive, but it is largely benign. It has no effect on men, and only two effects on women: 1. it is passed on to any children they have, and 2. any children they conceive after infection will be born homosexual.

The Hinkle virus would seem to fit its namesake’s criterion that it does no harm to any individual human person. We have established as a condition of the experiment–and we trust that in the real world Hinkle agrees–that it is not harmful to a woman to give birth to a homosexual child, nor is it harmful to a child to be born homosexual. And since the virus affects the sexual orientation only of the yet-unborn, it should not disrupt any existing heterosexual relationship.

Yet it should be obvious that the Hinkle virus would threaten humanity by dramatically reducing the incentive to reproduce.

via Best of the Web Today: Ontogeny Ripostes Ontology – WSJ.com.


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